Windermere Residence

A Modern Take

A developer we have worked with on several high-end, very modern houses wanted a multimillion-dollar show-home in an area with a very traditional architectural code. To fit in here, homes need a Victorian retro look; mansions with large pitched roofs, turrets, gables and faux architectural details. Not really our style.

So, to keep things contemporary and still fit within parameters, we gave the roof a clean shape and a hint of Bali, Indonesia.

We also stamped the building with character by splitting it into two main areas, like an ensemble. One has a five-car garage, man-cave, studio with own entrance and work out area. The other is home to the generous yet intimate living spaces.

The two areas are connected by a foyer with stairs and an elevator. A flat roof and circular skylights add to the more modern feel.

Digging out part of the site let us construct a walkout basement with large windows, flooding the core of the house and lower level with light.