Oasis Conference Centre

Jewel of the West End

The Oasis Conference Centre is a multi-use facility, originally designed for teaching, with conferencing, catering facilities and a café added.

The building draws on principles of ‘sacred geometry’ embodied in the octagonal shape of the whole building, and several octagonal motifs in the interior, such as the skylight in the foyer and tile shapes in the marble floors.

A bridge in the foyer links the two sets of upper offices and emphasizes the towering two-storey entrance hall.

The Grand Hall is the most important part of the building, hosting up to 600 college students and boasts an unusual tiered auditorium, majestically high ceilings and windows allowing natural light. Balcony seating allows for an additional 200 theatre guests.

Well-lit offices and boardrooms line the exterior of the upper floors. Executive offices with shower and kitchen facilities make this a perfect venue for visiting dignitaries needing personal privacy.

Completed in the summer of 2007 Oasis is known for its refined and elegant finishes, the attention to detail in the design and a beautiful landscaped garden for outdoor events.