The Water Garden

Spa Sensations

Called ‘one of the most beautiful new Spas in Canada’ by the International Spa Association, The Water Garden is a palette of exquisite interiors and soothing atmospheres, designed to inspire a love of health and healing.

From the reception floor that makes you feel like you’re literally walking on water, to the relaxation room painted in calming blues, filled with hanging beds and Moroccan lamps, every detail was taken into account to create a water-inspired ambience for guests to relax and feel supremely pampered.

Treatment rooms are built around glass shafts that bring natural light down from the floors above. Instructors and students alike love the ‘energy’ emanating from the one-of-a-kind, circular yoga studios.

“The end result was truly stunning and a testament to E3’s skill and insight. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to create that special space.”  Norman Hendley, CEO