E3 is an Edmonton-based boutique architecture and design firm, for those who think differently and care about the built-environment. Inside and out.

We don’t do cookie-cutter. We do visionary, emphasizing the artistic. We don’t specialize, we are site and project-specific. We design vital, beautiful, spaces to live, work, play and be. Ranging from small-scale interior spaces, residential and commercial projects to large-scale urban planning.

Some of our projects are very high-end, others have tight budgets. Our focus is value–whether there is lot of money or time, or a little. We see each project as a creative challenge, in need of our complete dedication, design talent, and knowledge of building technology and the construction process.

We know the impact architecture has. For better or worse, buildings last a long time, so we don’t go for quick and easy solutions. We try to make a difference, knowing the most sustainable buildings are those people love and want to take care of. A building that has your heart, is a building that will last.

Landmark destinations in rural and urban landscapes for retail, recreation, culture, leisure and conferencing, are how E3 Architecture has built its reputation as a firm of visionary architects, interior designers and building-project-managers. Visionary because we get inside your head, your heart and your budget, to sort out priorities, solve problems and eventually create a building that stands for who you are and that you can be proud of.

E3’s head office is located in the former St. Stephens Church. Threatened with demolition, we’re giving this 100 year old historic building on Edmonton’s Church Street a second chance. We’re restoring, repurposing and loving working under it’s vaulted roof and beautiful arches, being bathed by natural light. Inspiring us every day.