E3 Architecture’s two principals, Ernst von Meijenfeldt and Eugene Silva, founded the company in 2010. Before that, they worked closely together for a few years at Ernst’s Edmonton based EVM Design, founded in 2003. Combined, we have over 55 years experience on a wide portfolio of projects in Europe, the USA and Canada.

Ernst is the ‘outside face’ of our company. A natural leader, very much at home steering the overall design vision of the firm’s projects.

Eugene is the ‘inside face’, in charge of production, project management and technical quality. Want to talk minutiae and process? He’s your man.

Ernst graduated from the prestigious Faculty of Architecture of the University of Delft and in 1989, started work as a registered architect in the Netherlands. He has had private practices for twenty years in The Hague and Amsterdam, working on projects in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Buro3 architects, which he started in 1994 and transferred to two new partners in 2005, still thrives today.

Ernst has received several awards. His portfolio covers Europe and since 2002, North America, creating everything from single residences, urban designs, mixed-use projects, retail, wellness and recreation facilities, multi-family residential, landscapes, a zoo, museum exhibitions, schools, universities, greenhouses, offices and hospitality projects.

Eugene began his architectural training at the technically-oriented California Polytechnic State University in San Lui Obispo. He set up his own firm in Northern California in 1984. His portfolio ranges from private residential, several wineries and historic renovations, to commercial and institutional projects. Working in Canada since 2004, Eugene managed multiple institutional projects before joining Ernst’s team at EVM Design Inc. where they collaborated to envision and design the Hole’s Enjoy Centre, St. Albert.

Believing in an integrated design approach for each specific project, the team add value and efficiency by joining forces when needed with a stable of trusted talents–architects, urban and interior designers, landscape architects, engineers, project-managers and cost-consultants. On larger projects, we draw on staff from our network of long-standing partnerships and joint-ventures, both locally and from abroad.